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Our brand slogan, "Innovate Create Impress," accurately expresses the dynamic nature of Kivaa. We have changed from being a homegrown, bootstrapped firm that sold domains and web hosting to becoming an integrated player in the cloud, software, e-commerce, mobility, and digital services. We are dedicated to innovation-led, increased growth in each of these areas. In several of our businesses, our vision has driven us to attain worldwide leadership. The range of services offered by Kivaa affects individuals on a daily basis in all economic and social sectors of the world. Our current efforts are concentrated on creating platforms that will usher in the Digital Revolution and open doors for India and all of its citizens to realise their full potential.

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"The Industrial" is a leading monthly industrial magazine that aims to be the leader of the industrial media and broadcasting sector. Our DNA has been infused with ethics, quality, and commitment to empower the industries across the world and allow them to communicate better with the audience and spread the word be it about products, news, launches, latest updates, corporate communications, market updates, innovations. Today "www.theindustrial.in", has become online portal followed by industrial enthusiasts, professionals, students and key decision makers who want to stay updated about everything industrial, we cover diverse areas of industrial segments including but not limited to: Aerospace, Agriculture, Automotive, Chemicals, Construction, Consumer Goods, Electrical, Energy, Engineering, Food & Beverage, Marine, Metals & Mining, Packaging, Processing, Rail, and Logistics & Supply Chain etc.

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As a leading business news website and magazine we are commited to deliver in-depth and engaging content to empower the future by sharing intellectual wealth. Placing our readers/advertisers ahead of the curve utilizing the power of our global reach through our network that spreads across the globe through our digital mediums like e-magazine, e-paper, website, mobile app, video content, podcasts and much more to be added soon, Today we stand tall with the strong engagement with users that we have through various communication channels. Thus giving you the experience that is “Made In India, For the World”. The platform has become the top most widely read and referred go to place for latest updates and content related to business & finance. Evolving beyond the geographical boundaries and limitations we have expanded and touched base across the globe and tansformed into a digital media platform. Bringing forward new avenues of digital content delivering a engaging experience through interactive content which adds value to your knowledge.