MUMBAI, India, Feb. 28, 2024 -- Illusion Dental Lab recently completed 35 years of delivering highly innovative and world-class dental products. Illusion Dental is a well-known brand in the dental fraternity for its reliable and superior quality dental products.

In marking its 35th anniversary, the company took special steps to recognize and appreciate dentists for their strong support and trust in the brand. The brand is well-regarded for its camaraderie with dentists on a broader scale. Illusion Dental expressed gratitude to its valuable patrons by gifting complimentary Illusion Aligners and Illusion Zirconia Dental Crowns. It is indeed a unique and humble way to appreciate the faith and belief of the patrons.

Today, Illusion Dental stands as one of the top pioneers in dentistry, holding an enriching legacy of 35 years of excellence through its transformational endeavours, but little do we know that it commenced its journey as a humble dental lab with just two members. In 1989, Illusion Dental, initiated by founder Rajesh Khakkar, evolved from a small, locally-grown venture into a fully integrated organization with over 1800 employees. Rajesh Khakkar's visionary strategy and commitment to advancing dentistry have guided Illusion Dental in providing cutting-edge products of exceptional quality on a global scale.

In 2001, Sameer Merchant, the CEO of Illusion Aligners, united by common interests, joined Illusion Dental. Under Sameer's leadership and guidance, the company expanded and embarked on a digital transformation of dental practices. Illusion Aligners is one of Sameer's proactive initiatives to offer contemporary solutions in orthodontic treatment—Illusion Aligners PRO, Illusion Aligners Aesthetics, and Illusion Aligners FLX are the listed variants under the brand name. Their products are known to be backed by quality and excellence, which led them to become the first Indian Aligner Company to secure US FDA 510K certification, bringing honour to India.

Some of their initiatives that capsized dentistry are the introduction of 3D iModify software, aimed to facilitate treatment planning and the launch of iScanPro, a digital intraoral scanner created to digitize patient scans. All this makes it apparent that the brand has been taking the initiative to bring about progressive changes in how dentistry works.

As the canvas of Illusion Dental expanded with its never-ending quest of transforming smiles, they secured the admiration and endorsement of Cineworld's beauty queens, who joined this humble cause to spread healthy smiles. Kareena Kapoor, known for her striking presence, has officially become the brand ambassador for Illusion Aligners. Simultaneously, Madhuri Dixit Nene, renowned for her captivating smile, has graced the role of brand ambassador for Illusion Zirconia Dental Crowns.

Illusion Dental's journey is truly inspirational and exceptional. The way they have marched ahead to be the pioneers in the dental fraternity depicts that success is not final; failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts.

We wish that Illusion Dental continues to embark on all new transformational journeys and achieves new milestones with their undeterred spirit.

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