CHANGSHA, China, Nov. 20, 2023 -- Amidst the global focus on climate change, Zoomlion Heavy Industry Science & Technology Co., Ltd. ("Zoomlion") is accelerating its green transformation roadmap to promote sustainable development. This initiative is part of the company's responsibility to ensure a sustainable future through product innovation and new energy development.

A glimpse into the intelligent factory at Zoomlion Smart Industrial City's Earthmoving Machinery Park (PRNewsfoto/Zoomlion)

Climate change is affecting every region and every person on Earth. For a brighter global future, António Guterres, Secretary-General of the United Nations, has emphasized that renewable energy is the only credible path forward if the world is to avert a climate catastrophe, and the only sustainable future is a renewable one.

Zoomlion's Eco-Innovation in Action

The core of Zoomlion's green transformation roadmap is creating world-class eco-friendly products and building sustainable factories through the R&D and construction of green design, manufacturing, management, and standards.

Green Manufacturing: as of June 2023, Zoomlion has put a total of five intelligent factories and 170 intelligent production lines into operation. These include the earthmoving machinery park and an intelligent tower crane factory within Zoomlion Smart Industrial City, along with intelligent factories for concrete mixing trucks and hydraulic valves.

At its Changde tower crane factory, Zoomlion has implemented green production techniques, such as water-based paint, eco-friendly electrophoresis, and frequency conversion technology. These measures have resulted in a 90% reduction in welding fumes, a 70% decrease in VOC emissions, and a 15% energy savings.

In October, Zoomlion's Sino-Belarus Industrial Park was named Best Global Practices by the United Nations Global Compact for its strong commitment to sustainable development practices.

Green Management: Zoomlion has digitalized management through R&D, process, manufacturing, sales, services and more to establish a full-process, whole-chain evaluation methodology. This approach allows for comprehensive, efficient, and environmentally friendly operations.

Green Products: as of December 2022, Zoomlion has launched 156 new energy equipment covering 13 product lines from engineering hosting machinery to agricultural machinery. These include pure electric, hybrid, and hydrogen fuel options, as well as battery swapping and plug-in recharging methods. It achieved multiple firsts in the world, most recently, Zoomlion released the world's first new energy agricultural machinery in October.

Green projects: Zoomlion's construction machinery products have supported mega clean energy projects worldwide, including the world's largest wind power project in ultra-high altitude areas above 4,500 meters in China's Tibet Autonomous Region, a significant wind power hoisting project in Turkey.

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