JAIPUR, India, Feb. 9, 2024 -- RMC Switchgears Limited ('RMC') is pleased to announce the establishment of its new subsidiary, Intelligent Hydel Solutions Private Limited, marking a significant stride in the realm of Water IoT Solutions. With a majority stake of 51% in the newly formed entity, RMC is set to make its mark in the water management sector through innovative, intelligent solutions tailored for the Indian landscape.

Strategic Importance for India

This venture comes at a critical time for India, where water scarcity and inefficient water management pose significant challenges to sustainable development. By leveraging IoT and smart technologies, RMC aims to enhance the efficiency of water use, reduce waste, and improve water quality across various sectors.

In a statement, Ankit Agrawal, Whole-time Director & CFO of RMC Switchgears Limited, emphasized the significance of this initiative, "The formation of Intelligent Hydel Solutions is a direct response to India's acute need for advanced water management solutions. By integrating IoT technology with our expertise in electrical and water systems, we are poised to make an impact on how water is conserved, distributed, and managed. This initiative not only represents a significant business opportunity for RMC but also our commitment to contributing to a sustainable future for India."

About Intelligent Hydel Solutions Private Limited

Intelligent Hydel Solutions Private Limited is founded with the mission to address the pressing needs of water distribution, treatment, conservation, and monitoring in India. The company is dedicated to developing, installing, and maintaining smart solutions (both hardware and software) that cater to the comprehensive management of water resources. These include systems for water distribution, treatments, filtration, conservation, restoration, monitoring, accounting, and the treatment of wastewater or sewer using advanced physical, chemical, or biological processes.

Additionally, Intelligent Hydel Solutions aims to innovate in the domain of smart devices and hardware for water, gas, and electrical solutions, focusing on IoT-based applications for both low voltage and high voltage electrical systems.

For more information on RMC Switchgears Limited, please visit: https://rmcindia.in/