MCLEAN, Va., June 12, 2024 -- Azeraeronavigation (AZANS), the air navigation service provider of the Azerbaijan Republic, is demonstrating a strong commitment to safe and efficient airspace operations, signing on for two Aireon data products – Aireon Locate search and rescue tool and Aireon Safety Dashboard.

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AZANS, which selected Aireon in 2022 for its market-leading automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast (ADS-B) data for air traffic surveillance, uses Aireon data to complement ground surveillance networks across the entire Baku Flight Information Region (FIR) in Azerbaijan. The airspace of the Azerbaijan Republic is 165,400 sq. km, 86,600 of which is over land and 78,800 sq. km is above the Caspian Sea. The length route network within the airspace of Azerbaijan Republic amounts to around 11,000 km.

Aireon and AZANS signed the new contracts at the CANSO Global ATM Summit in Baku, Azerbaijan this week.

"At Aireon, we are designing and deploying data products to meet our customers' critical safety and operational needs. These two products are perfect examples of that work," said Chris Devlin, Aireon director of product development. "Safety Dashboard puts our gold-standard ADS-B data into a safety benchmarking context, allowing users to identify trends and markers. Locate, on the other hand, gives search and rescue organizations real-time information in the most time critical of situations."

"We are excited to partner with AIREON to enhance our capabilities in air traffic management and safety," said Mr. Farhan Guliyev, Director of Azeraeronavigation" Air Traffic Department. "This agreement reflects our commitment to leveraging advanced technology to improve the efficiency and safety of our airspace."

Aireon Locate is a cloud-based resource that enables search and rescue organizations to rapidly and accurately pinpoint the location of an ADS-B-equipped aircraft. Leveraging the power of Aireon's global dataset, Aireon Locate provides critical information to operators around the globe and is particularly important for areas without ground-based infrastructure, including over oceans, mountains, remote areas, and polar regions.

The Aireon Safety Dashboard is a powerful tool designed to help ANSPs identify, monitor, and analyze key leading indicators of risk in their airspace. The web-based dashboard provides a visual representation of certain key risk indicators, making it easy to identify trends, patterns, and outliers. Customers will gain new insights with a benchmarking feature that enables them to compare their event data to others, complementing existing safety processes to lead to proactive identification of risk and an enhanced method to monitor mitigation efficacy.

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