BENGALURU, India, March 20, 2024 -- Netradyne, a leading Make-in-India provider of AI-powered fleet and driver safety solutions, announces its collaboration with taSki Technologies, a prominent corporate and individual mobility provider that deals exclusively with Electric Vehicles (EVs). taSki will leverage Netradyne's Driver•i, a vision-based technology, to understand its drivers' behavior, gain insights into driver–customer interactions, and stand out as a technology innovator in the industry.

Through this collaboration, taSki Technologies will gain access to real-time insights into driver behaviour, as Driver•i assesses 100% of the driving time. taSki will be able to identify potential hazards, including reckless driving, over-speeding, and tailgating, and have access to actionable insights. The system will enable automated and personalized coaching for drivers to enhance taSki's driver training programs while providing a holistic view of their entire fleet to safety teams, to ensure the highest safety standards for their passengers and drivers alike.

"At taSki Technologies, safety and world-class customer experience are our top priorities, and we are excited to partner with Netradyne to further strengthen our commitment to excellence in transportation services," said Jijo Cherian, CEO at taSki Technologies. "By integrating Netradyne's AI technology into our operations, we are empowering our drivers with the tools they need to navigate the roads safely and responsibly and assist us in driver exoneration, providing video evidence to safeguard drivers in the event of untoward incidents. We believe these features will ensure our customers get the safest and most technologically advanced transportation experience, ultimately fostering a safer environment for everyone."

"We are confident about this partnership and believe in our shared mission to create safer roads and empower drivers with intelligent solutions," said Durgadutt Nedungadi, Sr. VP at Netradyne. "By harnessing the power of AI, we can proactively address potential risks, optimize driving behavior, and ultimately save lives. This partnership exemplifies the transformative impact of technology when applied with a steadfast dedication to safety."

About taSki

taSki Technologies is a forward-thinking tech company committed to innovation and excellence. Specializing in crafting cutting-edge solutions that simplify complexities, enhance user experiences, and drive efficiency, we are at the forefront of modern technology. Our commitment extends to embracing sustainability, particularly in the realm of Electric Vehicles (EVs). With a user-centric approach and a dedication to excellence, taSki Technologies is not just reshaping technology; but also driving progress towards a more sustainable and efficient future.

About Netradyne

Netradyne is a Make-in-India deep technology company from Bangalore. Established in 2015, the company solves road and driver safety problems using its deep knowledge and vast experience in artificial intelligence and computer vision. Today, it is an industry leader in advanced fleet safety solutions with customers across India, U.S., Canada, Germany, U.K., Australia and New Zealand. With marquee investors on board like Softbank, Reliance, M12 (Microsoft's venture arm), and Point72 Ventures, Netradyne was founded by two Stanford University graduates and technologists, Avneesh Agarwal and David Julian. Netradyne currently markets 'Driver•i', a fleet safety and coaching platform. Its technology uses deep learning and edge computing to bring rich contextual insights and solutions to the transportation industry to help fleets establish safe driving practices.