SHANGHAI, Feb. 4, 2024 -- Windpower Monthly, a globally leading media of the wind power industry, has named SANY Renewable Energy's SI-230100 wind turbine one of the Top 10 Onshore Wind Turbines of 2023 and awarded it the gold prize in the category of one shore wind turbines of 5.6MW-Plus.

SANY's 131-meter SY1310A onshore wind turbine blade

This marks the third consecutive year that SANY Renewable Energy has been recognized among the world's best, and it is a testament to the model's outstanding quality and performance, competitive advantages in the market, as well as the company's leading position in technological innovation.

The SI-230100 wind turbine achieved multiple breakthroughs in terms of power generation performance and reliability. With a wind wheel diameter of 230 meters and a sweeping area equivalent to six standard soccer fields, the unit has superior wind-catching and power generation capabilities. It also adopts double-box transformer mounting technology to optimize load control effectively.

Additionally, the lightweight design reduces transportation costs and significantly improves delivery efficiency. In November 2023, the SI-230100 successfully won the bid for the Fengshuishan wind power project in Ning'an, Heilongjiang by Huadian Energy Company, which is China's first onshore wind power to implement wind turbines with a 10MW capacity in batches.

In the meantime, the 131-meter SY1310A onshore wind turbine blade successfully rolled off SANY Renewable Energy's assembly line on January 21 in its zero-carbon intelligent industrial park in Bayannur, Inner Mongolia, setting the new world record for the longest onshore wind turbine blade.

The increased blade length has higher requirements for stiffness and strength, and the blade has applied multiple advanced technological innovations including a high-performance airfoil with a thick blunt trailing edge, optimized airfoil layout, and overall increased thickness, coupled with several new manufacturing processes such as autonomous fiberglass sleeve cutting pre-quilting, and long-distance online infusion technology for large-size composite blades to achieve intelligent manufacturing and improve precision.

While the rigidity and stability of the extra-long blades have been improved significantly, it has also reduced weight compared to other products in the same class. SANY Renewable Energy has customized an anti-thunder solution to ensure reliability in extreme weather conditions. The SY1310A blades will be applied to the 15MW wind turbine unit, which was released during the China Wind Power 2023 exhibition in Beijing and was the world's largest wind turbine at the time. The unit adopts a front-end integrated drive system with the gearboxes directly connected to the shaft seat to simplify the structure and reduce fault points, as well as a double TRB main bearing design and four-point support structure to enhance reliability. The blades and generators are both designed by SANY Renewable Energy independently to achieve highly synergized design for optimal performance.

"As an industry leader, SANY Renewable Energy will continue to achieve more breakthroughs in technological innovation, create greater value for our customers with high-quality products and services, and spearhead a green future with intelligent manufacturing," said Zhou Fugui, Chairman of SANY Renewable Energy.

Adhering to a development strategy focused on "elevation, expansion, reach, lightness, and intelligence," SANY Renewable Energy consistently enhances its innovative prowess to provide top-tier products and solutions. Their commitment supports the advancement of wind farms, ensuring cost-effective energy, safeguarding customer investments, and contributing to the high-quality development of China's wind power sector. This effort aligns with the nation's pursuit of its "Dual Carbon" goals.

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