key safety features to verify gate installation quality

Following a tragic accident that resulted in the death of a distinguished senior eye specialist, Gandhi Automations Pvt Ltd, a premier company in entrance automation and loading bay equipment, is calling for immediate improvements in the safety standards of entrance automation systems. The specialist, recognized for her significant contributions to ophthalmology, was fatally injured when a compound gate fell as she was passing through it, sparking widespread concern and sorrow in the community.

This incident highlights a growing global issue regarding the safety of entrance automation systems. With an increasing number of accidents linked to faulty gates, the need for more reliable and secure solutions has never been more urgent.

Samir Gandhi, Director at Gandhi Automations, expressed deep sorrow over the incident and emphasized the necessity of robust safety measures to prevent similar tragedies. "In our rapidly evolving world, where technology continuously transforms our daily lives, entrance automation represents a significant advancement that combines convenience with safety," Mr. Gandhi stated. He stressed the importance of ensuring that gates, doors, and barriers function perfectly to ensure not only smooth traffic flow but also enhanced security.

Mr. Gandhi, drawing on his extensive industry experience, pointed out that gate-related injuries are a global issue. These incidents often stem from poor design standards and engineering by fabricators who fail to prioritize safety. The incompetence of service providers and subpar gate construction quality further exacerbate the problem.

"Several tragic cases underscore the dire consequences of neglecting gate maintenance," Mr. Gandhi noted. He referred to incidents where a child was crushed by a gate due to a faulty closer and a delivery driver was fatally injured by a dislodged gate. These examples highlight the critical need for professional installation, regular maintenance, and adherence to strict safety standards.

Regarding safety standards in entrance automation for gates, Mr. Gandhi advised verifying key safety features before purchasing from any reputable brand to prevent accidents:

  • Digital Limit Switch with Encoder: Ensures precise control and prevents over-travel.
  • Wheel Stoppers: Prevent over-travel or derailment in case of system failure.
  • Nylon Roller Clamps with Safety Post: Securely guide the gate for smooth, safe movement.
  • Safety Strike Fixed at Entrance Ends: Reinforces ends to prevent accidental displacement.

Mr. Gandhi stressed the importance of proper installation and regular maintenance, advising property owners to ensure gates are serviced by qualified professionals and regularly inspected for safety compliance. He urged businesses and individuals to prioritize safety and reliability when selecting entrance automation solutions, warning against substandard options. Investing in high-quality systems is more cost-effective in the long run compared to the potential costs of accidents and liabilities.

Anchor As the entrance automation industry continues to evolve, Gandhi Automations remains dedicated to innovating and improving their technologies to meet the highest safety standards, aiming to reduce risks and create a safer environment for all users.